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New Arrival at Key Recruitment!

New Arrival at Key Recruitment!

Published On 03/05/2019

It's Friday and, as you probably know, at Key Group HQ we LOVE to end the week on a happy note!

Well this week, life doesn't get much better than being introduced to the newest member of the Key Recruitment family.

Our colleague Mary-Jane Mansfield (or 'MJ' as everyone calls her) brought her new-born baby son Leo into Key Group HQ to meet all of his new 'Aunts' and 'Uncles'

Leo was born less than two weeks ago, in the early hours of Sunday morning and weighed in at a tiny-but-perfectly-formed 5lb 14oz. MJ and her partner Scott Dack are naturally besotted with their new arrival.

When they visited the office there was, as you can imagine, the usual tears, wind, gurgling and dribbling - but that was just the usual behaviour from the boys in the Industrial Team - and little Leo took it all in his stride.

MJ's colleagues presented her with a hamper of goodies (for new Mum, Dad AND baby Leo of course) and some lovely photos were taken.

We're all looking forward to MJ coming back to work of course, but seeing how she is with little Leo, we may have to wait some time!