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Tori’s Stories.

Tori’s Stories.

Published On 29/04/2019

As you may well be aware from previous posts here, the Key Group Finance Manager, Tori Stevens, has long been a competitive soul and has many tales of endurance and strength to tell. Well now she has added another string to her, not insignificant, bow. Tori has recently been successful in qualifying as an STA Level 2 Open-Water Swimming Coach.

Now, as an enthusiastic Triathlete and open-water swimmer, Tori can usually be found in the Solent at sunrise (yes seriously, at sunrise!) with her gang of “Southsea Mermaids” on most weekends.  She says this is the “best” way of waking up at the weekend…whilst most of her colleagues here at Key Recruitment prefer the tried-and-tested pot of coffee, bacon sarnie and newspaper.

This newly acquired qualification will enable Tori to inflict…er…we mean offer open-water coaching to people who are keen to get into open-water swimming. This will be both for those who are not sure about how to go about open-water swimming safely and those experienced swimmers who are looking to improve their performance as the open-water swimming event season approaches.  Tori will also be working on some exciting projects revolving around the benefits of open-water immersion on a person’s well-being.

Great stuff Tori, we look forward to hearing how your new coaching adventures develop…and we think you are dippin’ marvellous (apologies for that but we couldn’t help it). Here’s a picture of Tori receiving a congratulatory bunch of flowers from her colleagues at Key Recruitment.